Dear Parents / Guardians,
Affectionate Greetings from Allsaints High School !!

All Saints' High School glad to introduce the parent login system for your benifit. The parent login system provides vital information to parents, teacher and students. This helps students and parents to securely access real-time student academic information. From the portal, parents can view all course work and download files and assigments, view attendance and disciplinary information. it is one and the same system for the parents as well as the students.

With the use of the system parents can be well benifitted from the following features, apart from saving time and energy in reaching all the way to the school and meeting the administration and teachers.


  • Secure Access : Parent Login System is easily accessible. They can log in using unique username and password. Using advanced internet security measures and techniques. it is ensured that the system is safe. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a protocol that provides secure commincations on the internet.
  • Homework & Assignments : It allows Students/Parents to know their homework and assigments given in a school, parents can enquire from the teacher or their child about each individual assigment in this way, parents can know the projects and make there child complete and submit the same.
  • Report Card : It helps parents to view the latest report card / grades and can see where their child needs to focus to improve the grades.


  • Course Work : It Allows them to know their child's homework, assigments, class notes, reading assigments, supporting materials and practice tests given in school.
  • Teacher Commnication : Parents can communicate with teacher/s through their login instantly.
  • Calendar & School Events :The Calendar allows to view what's happending in their child's school so that they can encourage their child to participate or they can plan to attend the event.
  • Announcements : It allows the parents to update themselves about the important and latest information posted by the school administration (Eg. Last minute cancellations, event remunders, etc.

SMS Is a Real-time access for parents to their


grades, attendance, assignments and more..